April 03 2020 Friday at 06:31 PM

Cuddlefornia 2014

Cuddles has chased the summer back to US soil and is in for another round of "Cuddlefornia" adventures. Last summer he followed the swell up and down the coast living out of his trusty bronze-colored van. Where will his travels take him this time around? Stay tuned to Cuddihy's day-to-day travels on Instagram @mattcuddihy and his continuing #cuddlefornia experience. Here's his report on his first days in southern California and some stills from his first roll of 35mm. "The California summer migration has been a part of my yearly travels since I was 18 so when I make the pilgrimage to Malibu it feels like my second home. It’s been a busy few days of mini bikes, surfing, dancing, Mexican food and catching up with friends. Straight off the plane my friend Cristian picked me up as he was on his way to the BA Moto mini bike Grand Prix in Long Beach. It was awesome to watch everyone go for broke on mini bikes weaving through tires and hitting the jumps all while everyone threw water bombs at the contestants. When the races were over I only had one thing on my mind, heading to Malibu, washing the 13-hour flight away, and diving head first into my Cuddlefornian summer 14 adventures." -Matt Cuddihy