April 03 2020 Friday at 06:15 PM

Crusin’ Java: Part III

It’s hard not to become complacent here. The cruise continues wave by wave as rumbling storm clouds come and go. Husni’s unfaltering chuckle is the soundtrack to our lives and the abundance of fun surf dictates how we spend our time. We’re happy.

Deni’s rapid progression on a longboard is a little easier to comprehend after seeing how much time he puts in the water. I’ve watched him do things that I can’t quite explain. At 17, the self-proclaimed Black Boy is surely one of the best juniors in the world.

Zye and Matt have both taken their cross-stepping techniques to new levels. It’s hard to differentiate between their cheesy grins. In between head dipping and water sliding we search for new places and waves. One of our local friends has lent us his 67 Fiat. It almost feels like we’ve taken a step back in time. The village is quiet and rural, people smile at us as we drive past and the children all yell and wave. It’s refreshing to spend time in a place where the bule hasn’t worn out his welcome.

For everyone’s sake, I hope the bule never does.

Sincerely yours,

Harrison Roach and the Deus Rat Pack.

Photography by Anthony Dodds, Woody Gooch and Giang Alam Wardani