April 03 2020 Friday at 03:01 PM

Creativiy in the Surf Bay

Creativity stems from a lot of things, it can originate out of boredom, spontaneity or good old fashioned inspiration. Walking around the Temple grounds, I can usually spot someone doing something a little special. This past couple of weeks, the surfboard zone of the premises seemed to have been the epicenter for some creative processes.
First off, I walked in on our favorite Spanish artist, Antonio Muñoz, gracefully laying a cloak of acrylic paint to a blank surfboard canvas. As I returned through out the day he gradually added pieces of his surrealistic impressions, creating something you never really seen upon a surfboards surface.
Another example of something you don't see on a surfboard would definitely be silly string art…yet that's exactly what artist and Barmuda Tryangles member, Fraser Anderson, was doing one sunny afternoon in Canggu. I watched as he layered up tangled messes of the party pleasing foam and surgically removed bits and pieces to his liking, finally sealing it all in with a little help from Willy in the paint bay. Just as I thought that the level of expression had subsided, the 'Smokin' Skull' pulls out a fully batik-ed twin fin, with patterns and colors encompassing its entire surface. defiantly a head turner. Keep up the good work boys, cant wait to see some end results!