April 03 2020 Friday at 06:15 PM

Conquering Kintamani

It may come as a surprise to find that the Canggu Scramblers have been flickin’ up soil on standard dirt bikes. Thing is, we’re a little tired of thrashing our favorite customs and having to spend the next month putting them back together. It’s also a little disheartening when you find yourself on a trail, twenty clicks away from the closest bengkel, with your vintage bike that’s decided to stop working.

I must admit that we tend to drop our bikes in some fairly awkward positions. Customs don’t deal with hitting hard earth as well as their dirt specialized counterparts. When it comes to wild rides, we have our priorities right.

So yeah, on our recent adventure through the mountains, we (unashamedly) rode bikes suitable for the job. It began at the foothills of Kintamani volcano, on a motorcyclist’s version of a playground. Rolling lumps and bumps made for an epic session of thumps and jumps. The three KLXs found their limits while the Husky and a brand spanking new KTM proved superior and took honors on the volcano that day. We can say with pride that the number of bules to conquer Kintamani now stands at five instead of three.

During what became a twelve-hour ride, our tires covered kilometers on volcanic gravel, dirt, mud, clay, beach sand and good old, pot holed, bitumen. We saw towns and people that we’d never have imagined existed. Up in the mountains you could have mistaken the Balinese for Eskimos. It was actually cold and they were dressed accordingly. After a couple of rainsqualls we were all, believe it or not, freezing but the rain and shivering did nothing to dampen our spirits.

With the ride back down towards Denpasar came the warmth and congestion that we’re so used to here. Relieved to have the muddy mountain challenges behind us, we were finally able to relax and realize how great a ride we’d had. I dare say it was the best ever.

Sincerely yours,

Harrison Roach and the Canggu Scramblers