April 03 2020 Friday at 04:30 PM

Christmas Meals at Deus

All around the Temple of Enthusiasm effects of the season can be felt, decorations are adorning walls, merry jingles break out without warning and tomfoolery in a Santa hat is a regular occurrence. To extend the yule time feelings, we are going to be hosting two festive meals upon or verandah.
The first is a good ol' fashioned Christmas eve dinner, obligatory delectable grub will be served along with some Very Merry cocktails to fill your bellies in anticipation for St Nick's visit. The next day will dawn upon unopened gifts and a Deus Christmas Day brunch. Crackers, eggnog and tasty turkey will be sure to keep the whole family happy. So if your looking for a venue to celebrate Christmas in a Southern hemisphere, look no further….We got ya.