April 03 2020 Friday at 04:30 PM


As long time admirers of Chabott Engineering and Shinya Kimura, we were stopped in our tracks to see the real, live Kimura-san strolling the asphalt at The Emporium of Postmodern Activities during the Festival of Thump in March. Upon sending a chargé d’affaires to make initial contact with Shinya on the grounds of The Emporium, we found ourselves in possession of a summons to visit Shinya and his sidekick Ayu at their workshop in Azusa, CA. This preliminary visit occurred a fortnight later, resulting in three blown minds, several rolls of exposed 35mm film, an autographed jacket, and more importantly, an invitation—to go for a ride up through the San Gabriel Mountains to an undisclosed alpine café—for lunch. This lunch ride would occur another month later with a small outfit of Deus Ex Machina officers commanded by their Supreme Leader, Dare Jennings, all being led up Highway 39 by Shinya Kimura aboard his Honda and Ayu piloting her Yamaha. These are the photos documenting the visits and the ride up San Gabriel Canyon Road high into the cold and misty climes of Crystal Lake.