April 03 2020 Friday at 04:15 PM

Catalyst, Cake and The Bermuda Triangle

A evening of review, beers and cake..."Catalyst," Mike Losness' exhibit of resin fume inspired abstract-ism opened last night, and what a night it was. The crowd rolled in as the sun was setting, each taking thier turn to cast thier eyes upon the wall laden works.
ZenBu turned Deus sushi slicer, Tyler Mars, was working his mad man magic, crafting signature rolls of raw fish like it was nobodies business. The "Crank Shaft" and "Zero Hero" were the treat of the night, and were pumped out until the fish was no more.
As well as celebrating an exhibit opening, Mike also had a birthday up his sleeve, which lead to cake and festivities flowing into the night. As the event drew to a close, The Smokin' Skull, DJ 49% and Mr. Tyler Mars started to hang loose, grabbing what ever item was closest and jamming, air guitar style, forming an act they call "The Bermuda Triangle."
Beers were drank, art pieces were sold and birthday cake was consumed....pretty good night if you ask me!