April 03 2020 Friday at 12:31 PM

Cafe Racer GL200

The Café Racer was definitely a fun project for us. We had a pretty no holds barred attitude when it came to the making of the bike and the choosing of specifications, and came up with a design we are quite proud of.

We stripped down a Honda GL200 Tiger and got straight to business. The main frame was used and a custom sub frame was added. We took the front shock from a Yamaha Bison and used a Suzuki GSX250 chrome shock for the rear, which combined gave the bike some evil suspension and play. And when I say evil I mean good evil. We also took of the original swing arm and replaced it with an extended swing arm from a Suzuki Thunder 125.

The handlebar was a stock GSXR 600 clip-on that we coupled with Yamaha SSX 225 controls and a pair of posh black gum grips. The headlight is a rather pivotal detail in the overall aesthetics of a motorcycle so it had to be done right, additionally we installed a planted posh speedometer to complete the cockpit.

The tank was built in-house, of course, and is made from alloy with a custom Deus logo. The fenders were custom built too, and are also made of alloy. We were really impressed by the quality and craftsmanship that our guys have, and I must say they truly deserve a pat on the back for all their hard work. Turn signals had to be chrome and we chose a square stoplight with a custom bracket that we made. The engine was given a wrinkle black finish and we polished the side covers too to give it a clean and industrial look.

Now everywhere in the world you have people who embrace that tragic and embarrassing tradition of tattooing the symbol of their hometown to their bodies, but in Bali you don’t have much say in the matter, and it comes in slightly different form. Ever heard of Bali Burn? Well incase you haven’t, Bali Burn is what happened to the inside of your right leg when your exhaust pipe decided to show you who was boss. It’s okay though, it happens to the best of us. We used a stainless steel reverse-cone exhaust on the Café Racer, and it is HOT! HOT! HOT! The Chain guard is custom aluminum, and we made a seat that would only be suitable to the name. Finally, we found it would appropriate that the bike came equipped with a Deus Custom surf rack, so we had one installed.

And so after a lot of time and effort, the Cafe Racer is ready for the road. Take a look and see!