April 03 2020 Friday at 04:00 PM

Buddah's new ride

If you're a regular reader of our modest blog, and can remember back to October then you will recollect that a certain Mr. Thai Buddah Graham walked away with the number 1 spot in our Slidetoberfest surf contest. In doing so he won himself a custom board shaped by Chris "Phantom" Garrett who is now our resident shaper. Buddah came by this morning to pick up the 5'9 swallowtail with it's M.R. fin setup and take it for a little test run up the coast. So we hopped in the car and we braved the traffic to give this board a proper maiden voyage. An hour or so later we were beach-side and before you could say "I Love Norway" the man was in the water. The waves were 4ft and fun which was a nice change from our wishy washy doorstep offerings, so we stayed a while until a approaching rainstorm brought some unfavorable winds. Good trip with a good dude. Congrats Thai, enjoy your new ride!