April 03 2020 Friday at 05:30 PM

Bringing Back the Blue Bird

Back in ‘72 the McTavish Blue Bird was born. Fast forward 40 years and there’s little chance of finding one of these original boards that hasn’t been thrashed to bits. With that in mind, revisiting this iconic board was something that Bob was only too happy to do. The guys at Deus Australia have just unveiled their new line of Blue Bird boards, so what better timing for us to follow up with our take on this renowned McTavish creation.

When Bob was last with us back in June, he treated us to something we’ve been keeping under wraps up until now. He took plane to blank and shaped up five Blue Birds at the Temple, something only a few of us here knew about. These five boards lay in wait until the right time came for us to glass them, and we pulled out all the stops to make these some of the most stunning boards to ever come out of the glassing bay.

When we say we were waiting for the right time to glass them, we don’t mean we’ve been too busy to do it. We really have been waiting for the right time. With some expert tips from our good friend Jake Bowery at Thomas Surfboards, our master glasser Victor and his crew have been refining their glassing skills and learning new ones. All their hard work since the summer has culminated in the awesome glassing job that our Blue Birds have been treated to. We’re not ones to blow our own trumpet, but these boards really are something special. With navy blue resin tints and opaque pigment patches these boards pay proper homage to the Blue Bird legacy, and that’s just the start. We managed to nail down the tricky technique of resin pinlines just in time for the Blue Birds, and so we treated them to shining white resin pinlines outlining the deck. The finishing touch? One-of-a-kind silk screen Bob and Deus artwork on each board, with their limited edition number sitting proudly beneath.

The 7’0” Blue Bird is on the rack at the Temple now, and with only five in existence once they are gone, they are gone for good. Get yourselves down to the Temple to check out these beautiful boards, even if it is just to take a look.