April 03 2020 Friday at 04:15 PM

Brat Style

After their last communication, I wasn't sure if we would ever hear from the lost boys again...I had conjured up images of them wandering the back-lands of japan with a gaggle of Harajuku chicks, committing all kinds of debauchery.
But alas, they touched base yesterday with another clutch of imagery and words that produced a inkling of jealousy within my 4-stroke heart...
"We are back from our tour with the Harajuku girls...got some interesting stories to tell, but that's for a later date...Yesterday we hopped the train about an hour or so out side of Tokyo today to visit "Brat Style". Well worth the trip! It was good to see the bikes in real life and not just in the mags or the net."
"We hooked up with owner/builder "Go" Takamine San and talked shop for the afternoon. The guy is a legend. He took us helmet shopping in Ueno and then drove us all the way back to our hotel in his 35' Ford pickup! The day has us psyched to cut metal."
"Tell the boys in the workshop to get ready cause these kids are coming back amped up with ideas!"
So now that we know they are alive and kicking, I better go warn the Bengkel boys to expect a hectic couple days upon their return!