April 03 2020 Friday at 08:47 PM

Surf Swap 12 - Noosa Edition.

Noosa – often regarded as Australia’s spiritual home of surfing…scrap that. It most definitely is the Aussie spiritual home of the sport.

So, why did it take so long for us to bring our Surf Swap up that way? Bound to be some gold up there! Who knows — But like the swell that everyone waits on, we had finally landed in Noosa.

From near and far, salty dogs dusted off their Bluebirds & Haydens and loaded their trusty split window Kombis. Pulling up to Thomas Bexon’s newly finished compound, a spot frequented by local surf freaks and geeks for coffee, fresh cuts, and boards.

As the morning began unfolding, the propped up fences quickly filled up with surf crafts of all shapes and sizes from a bygone era. To the untrained eye, these boards were destined for the next council pick up, but to many there, they were properly aged gold nuggets!

The browsing and swapping was accompanied by tunes from our man in Japan, Eames Aquatica, as well as Lewie Dunn and Groove Revolution.

If telling tall tales over vintage foam wasn’t your thing, Mr. Bexon stood, sander in hand at the shaping bay. Stick your face inside the doorway and you’d get a glimpse of the master at work, along with some dust in your nostrils.

On the other side of the compound, Uppercut's crew weren't in the business of trimming foam, but turning salty locks into slick backs, for free! Thank lords! Hungers and thirsts were satisfied thanks to the lads at Young Henrys and Nusa Caña, perfect fuels for calmly picking up a board worth more than a second hand Honda Civic.

After a full day of oggling and swapping, the sun was finally over the yardarm. The boards found their way back to those old VW bugs and the guitar amps started to rumble as those good ol’ boys from Gooby Jim & The Goobs and Dear Doonan had the place moving in fine form.

The torches were lit and the closing ceremony began with a sneak peek of our latest adventure film, “Death Rides a Horse”. How’d it turn out? Well, you’ll just have to wait and find out. Keep your eyes peeled, coming soon to a Deus Flagship near you.