April 03 2020 Friday at 04:00 PM

Blowing off some steam

I realize that most of you out there think that we who reside here in Bali are living the dream…surfing a multitude of spots, exploring desolate coastlines on custom built motorcycles, afternoon naps underneath coconut trees etc….but the truth is…well, it aint far off. However us crew that here work at the Temple power through six day work weeks and even though we feel lucky as hell to live and work the way we do, like all jobs things can get stressful and overwhelming. So every now and again even we have to just blow off some steam. So when the boss took delivery on a new Husqvarna 250 and made it mandatory for staff members to learn how to wheelie, we took it as a chance to blow off that steam I mentioned earlier. I cant really think of any other boss that would not only let, but insist that we take their brand new bike and potentially wreck it….but we didn't argue and agreed to his demands. We headed for a construction site close by to 'break it in.' A late afternoon of bike switching and swapping commenced, with the box fresh Husky taking quite a few hits on its first day off the showroom floor. However in the grand scheme of things the superficial damage acquired wasn't a problem as this bike is waiting to be stripped down, analyzed, cut up and transformed into something more fitting for our style….so we gotta use it as much as we can until then! Thanks for the afternoon of fossil fueled tomfoolery big man...sorry about the damage!