April 03 2020 Friday at 04:00 PM

Bikes from Yonder

Here on our fair blog you see a quite a good cross section of bikes that come out of, and visit us here at Deus Indonesia's Temple of Enthusiasm. Its time you had a look see at some of the machinery coming out of our other locales. Our bothers in arms across the pond in both directions manage to get their oily hands on quite a few different size and eras of the two wheel vehicle known as a motorcycle. Once they have had their way with bikes such as the W650's, SR400's and even our bead and butter, Scorpio's…they emerge from the Camperdown and Venice Bengkels or "workshops" as they call them, looking pretty sleek and embodying quite an array of styles. As well as their own customized bikes, Deus Sydney seems to attract classic bikes form far and wide, some just for a visit and some to stay with the chance of changing hands. Deus USA in Venice isn't even officially open yet, but has still managed to put together a cafe'd out SR500 for the floor come the tape cutting. Here is a selection of bikes that have passed through the Camperdown showroom and that SR500 from the beaches of Venice. Enjoy! (P.S - To have a gander at the full collection clickity clack right HERE)