April 03 2020 Friday at 09:01 PM

Bike Build Off 2019 - Sydney

This year’s Bike Build Off format gave birth to a new era for the competition, an online workshop. Where bike tinkerers and wrench botherer from all corners of Dog’s green earth could showcase their creations. All in it for a chance at the top prize of BBO global champ. But we’re also suckers for the noise of a single cylinder and the smell of a two stroke. So we had to gather up the local talent for a day of show and tell at the House Of Simple Pleasures. Because you know what you can’t tyre-kick? A picture on a web site.( Oh! please do check out bikebuildoff.com ) Who better to kick things off than the OG Deus temple!? With the final days of online competition coming to a close, we figured we needed to see some of these creations in the flesh. This years entrants gathered bright and early ( 10ish ) under the faithful tin shed roof of the House Of Simple Pleasure, for a Bike Build Off themed gathering of the mechanically & out-there minded. On the scene were the usual suspect, all kept entertained by the mass display of creativity. From a surfboard bike to a hydraulic 2 stroke bagger ( not a typo ), the bikes on show were not your usual bolt on parts bike. And why would they be? this is the BBO. Once formalities were done with, each builder had the chance to step inside the “circle of questions” and explain what, why and how to the panel of gurus. Consisting of Big Papa Dare Jennings, Paul Begg, Adrian Sheather from Rising Sun and Deus creative master-mind Carby.T. A special thanks to all who came, and please remember to submit your builds online at bikebuildoff.com, entries close July 31st.