April 03 2020 Friday at 03:45 PM

Big Red

Originally it was only meant to be an 11 footer. But when Josh Hall first laid eyes on the twelve foot plus foam. He just started frothing at the mouth and making noises about how rare a blank that big was and that it'd be a bloody crime to lop it down to size.Well the shaper won, they usually do. A special order for the boss, with a unique colour scheme to match. It was his first cab off the rank and one that bought all his skills to bear. Shaping a board that long you best off calling on some tried and true design principals. A long term friend and disciple of Skip Frye, Josh basically came up with his own, albeit slightly oversized, version of a Skip Frye Eagle. Bit of a tall order, pun intended, for the first board he was to shape when he recently pulled through the Deus Temple in Canggu, boasting some serious size, final dimensions topped out at 12’2″Long, 23 1/2″ wide and 3 7/8″ thick. A board to take you from horizon through to home. You wont need anything more than a mere suggestion of a wave to get started and once you are, you'll slide and slice through to the beach. Perhaps not what you want when it's pumping but for those small days that would normally leave you abandoned in the carpark, big red is the ticket. Coincidently we had a couple of those small, rough and tumble days while Josh was here in town and he was kind enough to put on a little demonstration of how to ride her properly. We never resist the urge and Grasshopper snapped a few pics. Have a gander at these.