April 03 2020 Friday at 06:16 PM

Beyond the mountains Pt:2

After our testing ride to Goulburn we were an hour away from our final destination to attend the biggest and most incredible meeting of classic motorcycles and enthusiasts we had ever seen: the 100 year VVCMCC Australian TT Anniversary Ride. Finding Collector, a quaint country town, is a trick in itself, you'll be going through it while not quite realising you're going through it. As small as it seemed, we bumped into to some big personalities there. We pulled up into what seemed like a campsite from a bygone era, guys sleeping in swags next to their sixty year old Velocettes. As the day progressed more and more amazing and rare motorcycles rolled up. Meanwhile the guys who were there from the previous night started pulling their treasured machines apart and putting them back together like some ancient ritual. Those motorcycles are from a generation of people who were brought up in a era where if something was broken, you'd fix it. A generation from a non disposable society. I got talking to the owner of a bike built in 1918 and asked how he managed to keep it running. He answered simply, "It's tough and I simply took care of it, just like the people before me..". Wasn't long before we needed to saddled up and hit the road once more. Till next year Collector and thanks for the memories