April 03 2020 Friday at 06:16 PM

Beyond the mountains Pt:1

You don't always need an excuse to ride, but ours was to attend the VVCMCC 100 year Anniversary Ride, celebrating the very first Australian TT that took place way back in 1914. Our ride was from the big smoke of Sydney to the little one horse town of Collector, located in the souther highlands of New South Wales.

Saturday morning, tent and sleeping bags strapped to our saddles, we set off on the costal route we had planned the night before. South of the city we predicted that the weather along the coast wouldn't stay dry for long so we decided to turn our wheels towards the mountains for what we thought would be a drier, more adventurous and enjoyable ride! Oh boy were we wrong! Not long after getting above sea level the fog started thickening and our dry run had come to an abrupt end as it began to bucket. Thank god for wet weather gear: you may run the risk of looking like a garbage bag, but being dry on a bike in torrential rain is a luxury.

They say you don't cross the mountains, the mountains let you through. Pulling into our first mountain town we breathed a sigh of relief as we sought shelter from the elements. With only a few hours of daylight and still some miles before we could pitch our tent we bravely ventured back into the downpour and continued our adventure. Riding in the wet does have it's advantages, it makes you appreciate the little things, like the sun and the brisk breeze that dry you out and reminds you you're well and truly alive. And so once back on the highway we were gratefully greeted by a warm sunset, putting the smile on our faces and lifting our spirits. This is what life is all about.

After sleeping through a freezing cold night, no time was wasted and we did it all over again. Next stop: Collector.