April 03 2020 Friday at 02:31 PM

Bare foot Executive

When you think of directors & CEO's of companies in the western world, are you like us, and immediately visualise older dudes who sit behind monstrous mahogany desks up in the corner office, lording over all and sundry, sporting a bad haircut, or comb over, whilst trying to keep the contents of their cafe latte off the front of their five thousand dollar suit?
Well we do like to do things more than a little differently here in Bali, and the latest bike to leave the Bengkel,'The Bare-Foot Executive', is no exception. The name isn't just any old accident, this ride happens to be our fearless leaders new mode of transport. Director of Deus Ex Machina Indonesia and sometimes award winning photographer Dustin Humphrey sits at the top of the food chain here at the Temple of Enthusiasm, although you wouldn't be able to tell if you saw him. We don't think we've ever seen him in a suit and the closest thing to a desk he uses, would be the cocktail bar top in the Deus restaurant. As we previously said, more than a little differently.
The 'Bare Foot Executive' has been in the works for quite a while now, a tossed salad of parts from various motorcycles, that happened our way. Dustin waited until he either found the right bit elsewhere and brought them back or they showed up on some other bike. Either way, his place in the pile allowed him to put dibs on a couple of items only to slide them away into the backroom awaiting the day when he had the job lot.
While based and run from a Yamaha Scorpio frame and 225 cc engine, almost everything else has been pulled from his stash in the backroom. The front shocks are from a DR 650 that were trimmed down by just a couple of cm's, while the rear suspension was taken from a DR250. The rear swing arm was found on a wrecked RM250 and then man handled to fit accordingly. But there is method to the madness as Dustin explained to us "I wanted that taller trail bike feel, whilst trying to retain that Deus classic aesthetic. I did build this bike specifically for this last trip we did, but I also built it to take 15 mins off my kids school run using the back roads and short cuts here in Bali."
With the bengkel boys literally tightening off the last couple of bolts the day we headed for the port, the trip served as a test ride, albeit a thorough one!
When asked how she fared the response was "Yeah, she went good, especially since it was my first time out on her, no test ride nothing!" As if an after thought he quickly added, "Now that we're back there are definitely a few tweaks we will make. But first I gotta go and get my kid from school."
We never had the chance to photograph the bike before it took off, so we photographed it as soon as it got back in all its dirty guts n' glory.
The list of Specs are after the images. Enjoy.
    • Daytona clutch and springs
  • Wiseco piston 73.5
  • KOSO 30mm carburetor
  • Ported engine head
  • YZ 125 ignition coil
  • BRT racing CDI
  • Racing cam handmade
  • Intake valve 36mm
  • Exhaust valve 31mm
  • Imported Japanese Alloy Tank with custom spray
  • Engine block painted in HD Stipple finish black. Polished fin edges.
  • Final gear TK 51t
  • Wheels are 18 rear and 19 front sporting Firestone non skid tires