April 03 2020 Friday at 08:46 PM

Legging it… Up, around and down in Bali

When you think of a trip to Bali maybe only one in a hundred would think, oh that’s a nice place to ride a bicycle. Or is that more like one in a thousand? Well, Jack Edwards would be one whose the one. Mind you his family isn't like all others and probably had more to do with forming him as that 'one' as they are generously steeped in a history of riding.

His uncle was Phil Edwards, a British road racing cyclist who became known as 'Moser's Gregario' due to the unshakable service he provided the Italian cycling legend for the five years Phil rode for the Gelati Sanson team. Phil Edwards was also a bona fide Olympian, representing the United Kingdom at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, where he finished sixth in the road race.

Back in the UK, Mark, Jack’s father and Phil’s brother, I hope you are all following, was setting up a distribution business using the winning combination of his brother’s ample charm and the huge number of contacts he’d made since moving to Italy to live, to bring Italian brands such as Sidi into the UK. Eventually, the two brothers built what the largest bicycle distributorship in the UK. Sitting back and looking at this interweave, it is a small wonder the peddle power is strong in this one.

Just to add to the genealogy, we met Jack through Tom, his brother who lives in Bali and when the chance came up for Jack to come with us to bomb some hills in the Balinese highlands he jumped at the prospect.

High above the clouds on little used roads. Misty ways lined with villages, temples, markets and a long winding trail that led to the road back down. There were spots that we needed to climb, little lean too roadside Warung’s where we could dine. Views that were only stopped by the mist and clouds. Might not be your typical day on a tropical isle but that it was undeniably one that led to a greater appreciation of where we were and what was unquestionably was be a gorgeous day of two-wheel sightseeing. Bicycles give you a chance to put the brakes on your momentum as you peel through the mountainous countryside of Bali. Try it sometime. Photos by Harry Mark