April 03 2020 Friday at 03:15 PM

Bagio's Tank Craft

With all the creativity frothing from the workshop, I try to go down and peek around as often as I can… But a couple months ago, after a couple of weeks of abstinence from the vehicular mecca….I walked in and noticed someone new. He was sitting quietly in the back, amongst parts and piping, carefully trimming down a sheet of steel with the precision of a surgeon.
I found Mustang and inquired about the man. His name is Bagio, and he was here to custom fabricate tanks for our motorcycles. Over the coming weeks I would slip into the Bengkel and just watch him…With just a set of hammers and a blow torch, I witnessed him hand craft sheets of raw steel into a series of shapes that, over time, morphed into tanks.
Born in Malang in East Java, he picked up metal work as a hobby when he was around 20 years old….Making fenders, and body kits for motorcycles and scooters alike. About 11 years ago, Bagio moved to Bali and opened his own modification shop "B-Custom"…Making parts and building show bikes out of everything from Honda CB's to Harley Davidson's...And winning quite a few competitions. After a number of years running on that scene, he stepped back and got down to doing what he loves…Working with metal. With nothing bust a sheet of steel he can craft a tank of any design in 4 days or less. like clay in his hands, the shapes just evolve, coming together with each strike of the hammer. It quite the process to watch, full of fire, sparks and noise…Its oddly therapeutic. After this batch of tanks he is going to be making us some pretty cool pieces…Fairings, street tracker fenders, side plates etc…I'm pretty excited to see what happens. I'll leave you with a quote from the man himself when asked what his favorite bike was…."Triumph…I don't care what year or model…You give me a Triumph and i will love you forever."