April 03 2020 Friday at 05:01 PM

Back To The Future

Sometimes our bike manufacturing process is a little one sided. The customer, if there is one at all, undecided in the direction the project should take. We dictate lines and finishes. Rarely do they get involved as they feel content to utilise our expertise. After all that’s what they are paying for. So when we had a customer approach us and ask if he could get up to his elbows in the whole build, we’re more than happy to oblige. We’re extatic infact. He had this idea for a fusion between old and new, which is everything we are about, so there wasn’t an arguement there. The idea was that we’d start out with a fresh new out of the box bike, the ubiquitous, in Indonesia at least, Honda GL200. A bike that already has a solid engine and frame. Together we sourced a very nice 1970 Honda 305 tank. It’s an extremely iconic shape and comes with a carpetbag of history. The Super Hawk, as it was known, was Honda’s first sport bike (1961-1967). Most agree that it was a bike that set a whole new benchmark, not to mention template, for modern motorbikes. Back to the job at hand. The frame alterations were kept to a minimum but it’s a known fact around our place that we can never stop the Bengkel boys getting their angle grinders and oxy torches out. Besides we wanted a comfy ride so metal was bent and twisted and once fashioned, we invested in a hand made saddle to suit. Nothing was done by half on this build. The design was a combined affair. The build the same. So when it was time to go to the paint shop prophets, this idea of halves seemed to resonate. Rather than wrap her all up in a deep dark black paint job. Areas were sought out to highlight. The tank sports areas of black interplaying with a metallic silver. Wrinkle black to the engine with the top half of the fins polished back to their alloy. Cam cover and crank case were polished. Silver and black. Simple and bold. From front drum brake to reversed alloy cone on the matt black exhaust the customer was very involved through the whole process. When it came to the decoration, he only wanted us to give it a light sprinkling of posh blinkers and switches. Silver and black. Hand machined alloy gas tank cap. New bars and gauges. Nothing ostentatious. Refined. However there is one beautiful little nod to the original 305; the side covers, each adorned with a nice neat Deus hand made metal badge. It’s our humble opinion that this customer, has great taste… Thoughts?