April 03 2020 Friday at 09:15 PM


Last week we threw a weekend-long party to officially open the doors of ‘The Wat of Why’ - Deus' newest home(s) in Amsterdam. Situated on the canals in the centre of the city, there’s no better place to spend a sunny evening during the back end of Summer … so we packed more than 300 visitors from all over the world into the new venue for a night to remember. The Cool ‘n Vintage x Deus YELLOW LAND MARINE made a triumphant entrance and parked up at the front of house, a yellow beacon symbolising Deus Ex Machina’s arrival in Amsterdam and a green light on the night ahead. The venue was given a good workout – the bar was packed with great people, the kitchen pumped out food and those in attendance slopped burgers and swilled wine while checking out a before and after photo exhibition of the new venue and the Cool’n’Vintage build process. A lucky few took home a limited edition, hand screened poster of the venue opening. The party continued well into the night and the live tunes from Mungo Bono & Benjamin James Caldwell kept everyone kickin’. While most of the city slept, a group of about 40 of the braver individuals congregated back at the ‘Wat Of Why’ at 7am for a morning coffee, a quick breakfast and a group ride out to Bikes & Boards. Nothing like a strong coffee, the rattle of a cold engine and a face full of exhaust smoke to kick the hangover. The Yellow Land Marine led the charge and a chorus of bikes followed … just to really let the neighbourhood know that Deus had opened shop. A slipstream of all bike types took in the beautiful, scenic route towards Zandvoort (carefully curated by our good friends at Roadtrips by TomTom, thanks again). A day on the sand ensued – drag racing vintage bikes against friends and finishing up once the sand had filled the eyes, mouths, boots and bras of the crew. Sandy smiles all round. Thanks to all friends from near and far that joined us for our grand opening weekend. Be sure to pop in and say hey to the team at Deus Amsterdam.
Herengracht 88a, 1015 BS Amsterdam
Herenstraat 13, 1015 BX Amsterdam
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