April 03 2020 Friday at 06:15 PM

A Single Match Below a Fire

A planted seed bursts open giving birth to what might become the tallest tree. A microscopic spark of an idea erupts from the subconscious; Growing, bigger and bigger. Grabbing more and more neurons along its cerebral journey until it finally manifests itself into action and creation. Fire, long thought to wear the exclusive guise of poster boy for destruction should also be included with these points of potential for it’s actually a damn potent metaphor for conceivable.

Andy Wauman’s latest show is a flashpoint of life’s possibilities laced tightly together with his well-documented protest against the glorification of corporate markings. The self-proclaimed proprietor of poetic terrorism came from afar and has been documenting his time in Indonesia using the tools he has at hand, his art. Correspondence with a not yet met friend, Lindsey, a poem penned by her in Japan became the mantle for the show. Andy took it and has dealt us a lay down misere hand of different approaches in case we missed the point; Film, Sculpture, Prints and Polaroids on just as many different forms of media digital, metal, fabric, and paper. The results, while true to Andy’s structured witty style are somewhat softer than what we’re use to.

This is his journalistic piece on Indonesia and perhaps his description of her influences upon him. Fire dances around the edges of everything he’s done here. Cheekily poking fun at the way we engage with the world on our daily basis. How most jump into bed with the masses. Scared to break away. Probing, prodding though not prone to dive on in. At the core though you uncover something softer. A more affectionate approach? Perhaps the influence of this place that’s in itself unique? A place that's perhaps more tactile? We invite you to answer that question quietly or out loud when you come and see for yourself. Immerse, wallow and be affected.

The Deus Gallery & Albens Cider presents Andy Wauman from Friday 14th February 2014.

Here is a little teaser for what is to come this friday night!