April 03 2020 Friday at 04:01 PM

A Pigeon walks into a bar with a Spaniard under his arm

“Que Pasa”, what more can one say when Antonio Muñoz von Furstenberg walks into the room. Yeah he may have the same shirt on from three days past, out of control sideburns and a self-rolled smoke dangling from his lips. But hey, he’s an artist, and a damn good one at that. We here at “The Temple” are always geek-ed up when he sends us the latest installments of his on-going illustrations for our retina recreation and for all of you to get yer peepers on. So if you’re a regular around here, you’d know he has been seen trading tattoo art for a cold beer on Taco-n-Tattuesdays. But if yer living viciously through our blog like so many do, then enjoy these ocular obsessions.