April 03 2020 Friday at 06:45 PM

The Residence of Impermanence

After an arduous search to find the perfect location to moor a Deus flagship in Tokyo we happened on a landmark free standing three story building in Harajuku which had been headquarters to vintage clothing specialists Santa Monica. The Flamingo pink Miami Deco post modern fixer-upper was partially demolished then reshaped, opening up all sides of the building to encourage flow through the space. The residence now houses a cornucopia of art, surfboards, motorcycles and apparel, a lot of moving parts are packed into a the skin of the building – a full size surfboard shaping bay in the basement hosts touring shapers, Noosa's own Thomas Bexton was first to write his name on the wall while resident shaper Takuya ‘Tappy’ Yoshikawa will oversee glassing and colour. The basement also contains the generous gallery space which was launched by the LAND boys and their Friends of Death - Texas in Tokyo show (on display until Jan. 13 2015). The top floor is an expansive retail space overlooking the cafe below, bathed in natural light and always freshly stocked with Deus Ex Machina, West America, POLER and House Industries. The ground floor is home to the cafe/bar and motorcycle workshop on the ground level mezzanine. The cafe is open from 9am for special blend coffees and Mama Lulis’ granola and stays open until 11pm, when your host Yoshi San swaps pouring perfect Cremas for mixing Cuba Libres. A special collaboration was commissioned between Truck Furniture of Osaka and Los Angeles designer Stephen Kenn for the sofas in the building. The fit out uses liberal amounts of recycled Japanese cedar as well as Corten steel, designed to age and change appearance with time and wear. The signature Deus cast concrete communal table anchors the cafe space and a new painting by Robert Moore graces the main wall. The location is at the northern most end of Cat Street, near United Arrows. Knock loud…they are always home! エスプレッソのように小さく、様々なものが凝縮し、 原宿の雑踏から外れた場所にある ここは カフェ、バイクガラージ、シェイプルーム、アパレルショップ、アートギャラリー、DJバーと様々な顔を持っています。 地元の人たちはもちろん、国内外に多くのファンを持つヘッドバリスタのヨシさんは、コーヒーの知識と 豆への愛情深さ、そしてちょっと面白いおじさんで有名です。 B1Fのバーは 毎週木金の夜だけオープンするDJバーで原宿の人達や、音楽を愛する楽しい事が好きな人の隠れ家です。 Deus Ex Machina TOKYO 3-29-5 Jingumae, Harajuku Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0001 〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前3-29-5 Cafe 9am - 8pm DJ bar 7pm- 11pm *Every Thursday & Friday Retail 11:30am - 8pm Deus Japan IG @deusresidence Deus Records IG @deusrecords P. +81 (03)5413 3949