April 03 2020 Friday at 06:30 PM

A Common Thread – Canggu Surf Community Inaugural Longboard Event

Life throws those unexpected amazing days at us every now and then. Once in a while they come in fast and low from the outfield and if your not expecting them knock you fair and square on your arse. Sunday was one of those days for a lot of us.

The Canggu Surf Community’s (CSC) were holding their Inaugural Longboard Comp. Ended up being friggin’ fantastic. Everyone had such an absolute ball. The planning wasn’t from our end for a change, we were a sponsor though, we also lent some assistance with set up and what not and the boys from our media department came down and shot it but for the most part we came down to surf Tugu. It went from there. It’s a place we’ve been surfing for years but now most days we get there to find it over run with surf schools. Sunday was going to let us relive the good old days. Each heat would give us a chance to have it with a max of 4 others at a time.

Forty surfers from local and expat origins assembled on the grassy knoll above the left-hander around seven. There was some milling about as the field was drawn and the first heat contestants pulled on coloured T’s and took to the water. Half hour heats finished just before middle of the day. Quarters went to around two. Semi’s another hour and the day finished with the final around four.

If you asked us to put our finger in one thing that really made the day. The one quintessential ingredient that made it this miraculous day, we’d have to say the sense of community. We laughed with each other, at each other and about the same tomfoolery that was going on around us. We judged heats together and of course in the water competed with and against each other. Boundary’s crossed. Differences forgotten. A common thread. That was what made it epic. The results of the final were not to be known until later that night at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm in Canggu, however by the final the wild cards were identified.

We need to explain, the wildcards were the last six places available in the Deus 9’ & Single Log Fest being held in Canggu in three weeks time. The Deus 9’ has become so renowned that now the field of forty mostly flies in from Australia, America and Japan. The wildcards are a way of keeping a finger hold of something that originally was a fun event among mates at Tugu, and that was a mere four years ago. With only six spots we do have to have a mechanism in place to figure out who goes in and who doesn’t. So a purely local event needs to be held to pick the top three CSC locals as well as the top three expats.

All three of the locals went into last Sunday’s final; Ayok, Mer and Angga. The fourth in the final was Rama, an Aussie living now in Bali. He to will grab a spot in the Deus 9’ & Single. The other two expats who made it through to the semis were Lupo, a German with an Italian nickname and Go. A Japanese Hairdresser with a Korean girlfriend. Diversity, you do get that in an expat community. Everyone left the beach smiling, a wee bit sun drunk and in a couple of cases this was all helped along by a few sneaky arvo Bintangs.

The hoi polio reconvened in the quickly filling backyard of the Deus Temple in Canggu. All keen to hear the bands, DJ and of course who won the days event. Rama took out first Ayok took out second, Mer third and Angga rounding out the field was .

The Hydrant moved onto the stage vacated by the surfers, picked up their instruments and proceeded to bash out their own brand of rockabilly, rock and roll and good time music. The crowd stood as the dancing began and stayed that way until we called it a night.