April 03 2020 Friday at 03:00 PM

9ft & Single ends with a night at the Temple

After a day of sun at the Deus '9ft & Single' Longboard festival, everybody cruised up the road to the Temple of Enthusiasm for night of music, prize giving and just a tad of childish debauchery. A range of prizes were handed out to the lucky ticket holders...big thanks to our great sponsors...RAEN, The Yak, Journey and The Critical Slide Society.
Hand made trophies were handed to the gracious winners and after it was all said and done...which takes a bit of time with Monty on the Mic....everybody proceeded to drink, dance, and be merry.
Winner of the competition, Tyler Warren, also opened his art exhibit, 'Poster Show' with a few last minute pieces taking up some room on the rear wall. 3 surfboards that he had shaped and glassed since his arrival to the Temple grounds stood proud, with one being his vessel to victory in the days event. well done Tyler, a well deserved win! 1/3 Jesus started out the night with some tasty tracks as people wandered the gallery and garden, followed by Ozlem & Andy and then of course...The Barmuda Tryangles, who laid down beats that got everybody on their feet and dancing until the night came to a close. A great day topped off with a great night...not to shabby in my eyes...cant wait until next years event!