April 03 2020 Friday at 08:31 PM

The Bali Fish Fry served up with a Film Fest on the night - DEUS 9FT & SINGLE 2018

We can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we ran the last Deus 9ft & Single Surf, Music, Art & Film Fest. But it has and just after 7 am this morning the first heat of our second ‘Deus Bali Fish Fry Comp’ slipped into the water down at the right on Perenenan Beach. The full moon was still high in the sky and mixing it with the early morning light. Conditions couldn’t have been better with glassy conditions, a rising tide and big beautiful glassy peelers hitting the reef. The Bali Fish Fry is a contest centered around and celebrating the Fish surfboard and all those who love it, and you could tell by those in attendance, there are a lot of people who love it. With contestants from all over including Australia, Portugal, Japan, America and Indonesia, it truly was an international lineup of surfers down at Perernan’s classic right-hander. And it wasn’t an all-male review either. Sierra Lerback shredded her first heat and pushed through to the quarters. Rosie Jaffurs, despite a little costume malfunction in her first heat, she outshone the boys to get through to the quarters. Honolua Blomfield put on a performance of grace and style as did Japanese longboarder Hiroka Yoshikawa and Noosa Australia surfer Renee Gregory. The entire field seemed to be battling it out through the day with head splitting grins. Once the free beers started flowing in the late part of the morning the cheers from the crowd were so loud we reckon that they could be heard from the backyard at Deus Temple, spurring those in the water on until finally there were four… Zye Norris, Harrison Roach, Nathan Monchet & Mattia Morri. But if you’re here to know who won, we regret to have to inform you it’s a secret until Sunday night when all will be revealed at the 9ft & Single Wrap Up Party. The outlook for tomorrow looks like the swell is going to be fairly consistent for the Deus Canggu Womp Comp. We’re crossing our fingers and are all praying to our respective gods that the prime conditions we were graced with today continue for another three more days. People retired to their respective homes, stays and respective places out of the sun. A few hours off, a chance to recharge before heading back down to Deus after the sun was well en route to the horizon. The backyard had been transformed into a cinema. There were bean bags down front, all the chairs and tables had been set up in a row and the buttery aroma of fresh cooked pop corn marinating the entire place. A big screen was strung up and people slowly assembled said their hi's but all quickly staked out their spots. If you are going to the flicks, it is all about the position. All the blanks filled in and the rest that were left standing settled in against walls windows and stairs. The area around the backyard bar seemed a very popular spot. Big Tom broached the stage raise the mic and things got underway. He invited the people that had things to do with the movies to come on up. East Coast Easy was a little piece Nick Jones and Harrison Roach had put together. It featured Harrison along with his Noosa comrades, Thomas Bexon, Matt Cuddihy and Zye Norris. Then we moved to Dustin Humphrey's Painted in Dust. A little bio-pic about Forrest Minchinton and his Mojave Desert compound. It was compelling fly on the wall stuff. Third on the night's film list was a documentary on the festival in Figueira da Foz, Portugal, Gliding Barnacles. The movie was called "Free as we are" by Kieran Harris. We were super excited to be playing the movie, not only to see their event in action but because as the organiser of the Gliding Barnacles event, Eurico Gonclaves, had offered us a wonderful major prize for the 9ft & Single Log Event, an all-expense paid trip to his event August 27 - Sept 2 2018. We couldn't say no to that! The icing on the movie night was an edit Harrison Roach had literally finished putting the final touches to just minutes before. Dean Town was an edit he'd done of the entire 2017 Indonesian Surf season. Once again it featured Harrison, Thomas Bexon, Matt Cuddihy and Zye Norris but this time they'd added Lewie Dunn and replaced the North Queensland backdrop for tropical Indonesia. The screen faded to black and the DJ picked up the beat and the patrons began to bop. The night was still young. Images by Damea Dorsey, Giang GAW, Keli Bow & Brett Johnson Movie Links: Painted in Dust Gliding Barnacles - "Free as we are"