April 03 2020 Friday at 07:00 PM

20 years of Corsa Motoclassica

Dedicated racers from all over the United States and Japan came to Willow Springs Raceway for the 20th Anniversary of Corsa Motoclassica, a feature event of the AHRMA vintage road racing series with a bike show and swap meet. It was a perfect excuse to dust off the old Canon SLR and stretch the old tired legs of the telephoto lens. It is also the closest AHRMA race to our Los Angeles California locale, bringing out the folks we brush shoulders with and all the local racers that support the Southern California motorcycle community. The great thing about vintage motorcycle racing is that it’s such a passionate and tenacious family. Everybody is everybody else’s pit crew helping each other get out on the grid, but once to race starts, Watch Out! its full on racing! The old die-hards that have been racing for years are out there with the aspiring beginners and its exciting and fun for all. Its not all peaches... they travel far distances, and the bikes aren’t always running just right, sometimes the weather sucks, or the van breaks down half way there. Its a passionate struggle, and the battle reaches far beyond the podium finish. On top of the extremely windy conditions, the track was temporarily made a slip n’ slide on Saturday when a bike sprung an oil leak and lubed up the race surface, separating a handful of racers from their bikes as they went spinning off course. These things happen in racing, and we admire those that stare danger in eyes and pin the throttle. Big high-fives to our vintage racing friends Brian Herzfeldt, Larry Morris, Brady Walker, Stacie B London, Ralph Hudson, Gary Swan, Hayden Roberts, and GT Tomlinson! It was also great to see Diasuke Mukasa from Animal Boat who got us all excited about small displacement racers when we visited his shop in Tokyo last May. Good luck at Sonoma!