April 03 2020 Friday at 04:15 PM

2 days of Skinned Heels

Some of you may be seeing this for the second time...but the editor of this blog (Boss, God, Daddy or Leader of the free world....depending on the day) has had some reservations about the color correction and order of the content. So we sat this morning, discussed our painful dismounts, compared cuts 'n' bruises....and at some point reworked everything to bring a little more 'flow' to the equation. So here it is folks, round two of the Skinned Heels and Spoked Wheels event...enjoy!(more after the jump)
Ahh the last 48 hours have been tiring and painful yet probably the most fun hours i've spent in a while. The gale force winds continue to batter the breaks, keeping us out of the surf and diverting our superfluous energy more towards activities of the peddling kind. The 'Skinned Heels & Spoked Wheels' event just came to a close and I'm sitting in the office with cuts, bruises and a smile on my face. It served as the perfect warm up for the 'Paths of Pain to Roads of Glory' event which is being held in February. Hopefully i will manage to stay attached to the vehicle for longer next month!
The two day event kicked off with a fun ride around Kuta, ending up at RAW to wet the proverbial whistle and get a little loose. The next day…today…was the scavenger hunt. Around 30 contestants gathered in the RAW car park where they were handed a list of 10 items they had to find as they rode to the Temple of Enthusiasm. From beach sand to a lipstick kiss on a napkin, they all managed to deliver the goods upon arrival, with our Italian friend Franchesco arriving first and taking home the win.
After a little down time, the afternoon slid into some mini comps…Sumo, Best Trick and Precision Skidding were carried out, each with their fair share of inevitable injuries. Tony had a good run, winning the Skid and Trick contest, walking away with a custom Deus paint job along with various other swag. As the evening dawned the wind picked up and the rain fell hard, so the showroom was cleared and the polished concrete floors were put to good use. I think we may have even come up with a new thing….Fixo Disco…Think 1984 roller rink style, with fixed gear and hip hop instead of roller skates and Beegees, DJ Ozlem rocked the place.
So to summarize - I'm tired yet content…had a sweet couple days and am ready to sleep for a couple more! Big thanks to the Bali Fixie Comm boys, you guys know how to ride hard and party harder…..Yewww!