April 03 2020 Friday at 07:47 PM

Bushfire Relief Appeal - The next chapter for Dare's Triumph T140v

"A functional and practical 4-cycle motorcycle with a purity of purpose." A beautiful machine, with an interesting back story. 2014 - Venice, CA - To continue fulfilling the purpose of being a 'trusty whip' for whenever Dare was in America, the engine was rebuilt when it started showing signs of untrustworthiness. 2015 - Latigo Garage, Malibu - It was decided that the aesthetics deserved a rejuvenation, so the entire bike was disassembled, made nice, and then reassembled with the majority of the stock components left in the parts bin. Boltified to the 'T' and retaining its classic glory and distinctive Triumph rumble, it is now surely able to hold its own on the streets against even the best old, heavy, slow bike. The final result is an amazingly simple, functional and practical 4-cycle motorcycle with a purity of purpose and clean lines. The subtle artistic direction for this bike was suggested by NP and the build was confuddled together in Latigo Garage by JH with help from Deus friends - Dirty Dave, BA Moto and Boris the Painter. 2016 (April) - Port Of Los Angeles - Mistakenly put into the wrong freight container, the Triumph T140 floated across the Atlantic Ocean, ending up in England, coincidentally the birthplace of the bike itself. With a shrug of the shoulders and a shake of the head, it turned and floated back across the Atlantic to the Port Of Los Angeles. 2016 (Aug) - Port Of Los Angeles - Too good to be only ridden when visiting America, Deus Founder Dare Jennings shipped the motorcycle back to his hometown of Sydney to be his daily rider. The Triumph T140 floated across the Pacific Ocean to its new home below the equator. 2016 (Oct)- Sydney, Australia - The 1977 Triumph T140v is fresh off the boat and and can be found ripping around its new home at the House Of Simple Pleasures. 2020 - Sydney, Australia - After one of the most destructive summer of bushfires in Australia, Dare generously decides to raffle off his beloved Triumph, in an effort to raise money to those affected by the fires. People from all over the globe, generously give money to not only help the Australian people, wildlife and environment, but to also have a lucky shot at owning a piece of Deus history. The raffle was run over a week, raising $69,000, which was then split between the Red Cross, WIRES and the Rural Fire Service. The lucky winner was Chris Sewell, congratulations, we hope you enjoy the bike, and will add another chapter to it's already interesting story. Thank you to everyone, the world over, who put their hands in their pockets to help the Australian Bushfire Relief appeal.